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Men’s Jewelry

Women aren’t the only ones who have the privileged of wearing jewelry and fashion accessories anymore. Men’s accessories are making a stronger fashion statement. There are several different types of fashion accessories available for men today. Men wear these items for various reasons including going on dates, going to the beach, for a formal business look, as lucky “charms”, or to nightclubs for making a statement. As you can clearly see, there is no way to confine where these accessories are worn. For this reason, accessories have gone from conservative to very sophisticated and contemporary today.

What Men’s Jewelry Includes

Men’s fashion accessories aren’t limited to just rings today. You will see men wearing the following:

• Bracelets
• Cuff links
• Earring
• Cross pendants
• Necklaces
• Skull ornaments
• Watches
• Body jewelry

By wearing these items, the overall style of a man is enhanced. It is more socially acceptable than it was a few generations ago, and jewelry companies are taking note and creating jewelry pieces, specifically for men. Men tend to prefer quality, fine jewelry like quality watches. Most men have fewer jewelry pieces than women and tend to spend more on the jewelry they do choose to wear, especially when it comes to fine watches.

The History Of Men’s Fashion Accessories

Jewelry dates all the way back to 1800 BC and it was also popular with the Romans as well. Greek men would wear thick leather cuffs or metal to protect them from battle wounds. Initially jewelry was made from such things as beads, bones, glass, metal, stone, and wood. Later on, jewelry was made for spiritual and religious reasons. Today this jewelry is being made from even more materials like cloth, hemp, and even leather. With the evolution of metal crafting, jewelry is also available in gold, silver, bronze, copper, and titanium. Gemstones are even being added in order to give an elegant touch to the jewelry.

Celebrities And Fashion Accessories

Celebrity men who are in television, music, media, fashion, or other forms of entertainment have special designers who make special jewelry for them. Even non-celebrities are able to wear great silver jewelry today in a lot of different shapes and sizes. However, titanium is the most popular because it is so strong and durable.

Personal Preference And Style

What accessories men choose to wear depend a lot upon personal preferences and the style statement that they are trying to make. Some brands of jewelry and accessories will be part of a larger line, like belt buckles made by Stephen Webster who also has t-shirts also. There is a designer line of jewelry for every taste and style. Men may have a couple of different style of jewelry depending if they are heading to the office, a wedding, to participate in sports, or to run errands.

The Future Of Men’s Jewelry

Expert jewelry designers have predicted that men’s jewelry isn’t a passing fad. For this reason they are devoting a lot of time and attention to designing jewelry that is appealing to men. Now men have more options than just cuff links and watches. Many designers like Gucci and Hugo are now providing several other options for men as well. These things continue to sell better and better as time goes by.